Grand Hi to All Workers in the Third World !!!

they say it ‘s a holiday for workers ! I is not seen faces party but faces proletarian !   »>faces full of wrinkles or each feature is a small pit where they bury their suffering and thousands of thousands of hours of torment !
  »>I heard cries of pain in the form of claims, coupe voice blast from non- protein non- vitamin ! Corps !
« >I also saw beautiful banners prestigious companies who advertise their products to make free !
  »>Finally we can talk about party workers when all it shows to put out the eyes of Messrs patterns and let go to grow their profits !
Dear Brothers workers I salute all of you and commend your patience and endurance because thanks to your hard work and sweat mixed with blood that God casts his mercy and keep this hope into tomorrow or the worker will be honored and it will be a day of glory and also Inch ‘ Allah …

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