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A Women without emotion !

They were two to solicit a paper in town, the first seductive, elegantly dressed, discreet makeup, hair cut short, wearing a luxury handbag, signed, nature apparently inflamed, it stopped at my presence to caress her hair, with a steady gaze, almost arrogant in his entourage translating an assurance and self confidence too.

the other woman is the opposite of the first absolute, miserable, skinny face no makeup, hair disheveled, wearing a djellaba very small, colorless, also carrying a small handbag or unsigned seemingly insignificant! gloomy face, wrinkled and unattractive alongside the ugliness looks and gestures frozen not seeking to seduce, even attracting the attention of others.

In summary, we are faced with a woman who stirs no emotion in a positive man. so much so that I asked myself the question:

I’m really a woman before? .. she feeling feminine like all women to a man? .. is she a man in his heart? If this is the case, it eventually impossible love, a love one side, she saw the look and especially if she can not highlight its advantages .. although I do not see any in front of me! but it remains that in every man there’s a charm diffuse charm buried, who does not obey the criteria of experts issues of aesthetics! and again, it women or men there’s very charming that no longer recognizes after an emotional shock of life! she is of those???! In any case, our modest woman, her body speaks and says: attracting a man is his last concern! and at the end can be like that she is happy and I in a drama, and against our diva beautiful and has everything to be successful and happy is not! life remains a mystery!

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